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Click here to watch a video on Alpha-Stim CES hosted by former USA Secretary of State General Alexander Haig.

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  4. Information
    1. Company
      1. Background
      2. President’s Message
    2. Alpha-Stim Technology
      1. What is Electromedicine?
      2. European Perspective: A Comparison Between TENS and MET
      3. A Practical Protocol for Electromedical Treatment of Pain
      4. Alpha-Stim Research
        1. Abstracts of Alpha-Stim Research
        2. If This is so Good, Why Isn't Everyone Using It? A Few Words About Science
        3. Research Policy
        4. Results at a Glance
      5. Testimonials
        1. Professional Endorsements
        2. Consumer Testimonials
        3. Warranty Card Comments
      6. Cost Comparison vs. Drugs NEW
    3. Products
      1. English
        1. Alpha-Stim 100 microcurrent & cranial electrotherapy stimulator
        2. The new Alpha-Stim SCS (Stress Control System) cranial electrotherapy stimulator
        3. Alpha-Stim PPM (Personal Pain Manager) microcurrent stimulator NEW
        4. Alpha-Stim Accessories
        5. Educational Materials
          1. Read the Introduction to The Science Behind CES
          2. Read an excerpt from The Science Behind CES
          3. Read a published review about The Science Behind CES
        6. Online product registration for owners of Alpha-Stim stimulators
      2. Veterinary Brochure
      3. Français
        1. Alpha-Stim 100 Le stimulateur à micro-courant
        2. Le nouveau Alpha-Stim SCS
      4. Deutsch (Under Construction)
      5. Nederlands
        1. Alpha-Stim 100 Microstroom-stimulator
        2. De nieuwe Alpha-Stim SCS
      6. Italiano
        1. Alpha-Stim 100 Stimolatore a microcorrente
        2. Il nuovo Alpha-Stim SCS
        3. «In arrivo la macchinetta antistress»
      7. Español
        1. Alpha-Stim 100 Estimulador de microcorriente
        2. ¡El nuevo Alpha-Stim SCS
    4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      1. Product information and use
      2. Clinical application of Alpha-Stim® technology
      3. Other questions related to Alpha-Stim technology
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    1. Press Releases & Alpha-Stim News Articles
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