EPI Company Research Policy

Electromedical Products International, Inc., makes every attempt to encourage research with its Alpha-Stim technology. While we do not fund research, we have developed several important ways in which we can support research in which our devices are used.  They are as follows:

  1. We can assist researchers by making available to them a bibliography of past and ongoing studies, both published and unpublished. This can comprise the review of the literature prior to a study, and will provide researchers with knowledge of prior subjects studied and how they fared.
  2. We are in daily contact with clinicians around the world and can share research ideas that could answer some of the most frequently asked clinical questions that have not been researched.
  3. Our science staff is very knowledgeable regarding the needs and requirements of editors when studies are submitted to peer reviewed scientific journals for publication. We can assist you in preparing your basic study design so that the publication phase of your study will be greatly facilitated and made more likely to succeed.
  4. We can complete your study’s statistical analysis for you, if you wish.  You may send us coded data so that our staff will remain blind to the treatment condition when completing the analysis.
  5. Upon the receipt of an approved protocol we can lend you a reasonable number of Alpha-Stim units and double-blinding equipment for your study at no cost to your program.

Again, we are pleased at your interest in possibly using Alpha-Stim technology in your research program. Please do not hesitate to contact Core Medical Consulting at the first opportunity that we can be of assistance to you in this process.