Technology is the foundation of Electromedical Products International, Inc. The unique Alpha-Stim wave form has proven efficacious for a wide range of medical conditions responding to our registered indications of pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. For a brief overview of what electromedicine is, see our article titled What is Electromedicine .

Electromedicine has a long history which is summarized in the chapter, A Practical Protocol for Electromedical Treatment of Pain in Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, the official textbook of the American Academy of Pain Management. Read about the foundation of electromedicine, the underpinnings of Alpha-Stim technology and how technological advances have made this the treatment of choice of many of today’s progressive medical practitioners. The protocols are the most up-to-date you’ll find in this exciting field.

Research is the validating science of technology and Alpha-Stim technology boasts more independent, peer reviewed research than any other device in its class. Abstracts of research pertaining to Alpha-Stim technology’s registered indications are included here for educational purposes. Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPI) has a formal Research Policy for those interested in bona fide research projects. EPI does not fund research but will assist with protocols, proposals, loaner units, double blinding equipment and statistical analysis of data.

Technology is useful only if it positively affects those for whom it is designed. Further proof of the efficacy of Alpha-Stim technology is in the feedback we receive from satisfied medical professionals and patients who have written us about their experience with it. Check out the many testimonials received from our customers.

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