Company Overview

Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPI) was established in 1981 by Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch to develop, manufacture and market Alpha-Stim technology worldwide. The company was launched with a sophisticated clinical model, the Alpha-Stim 2000 which weighed over 40 pounds and cost $5,850. Since that time, the company has taken advantage of advances in electronics and computer technology to bring the size and price down significantly while improving efficacy and ease of use. This is accomplished partially through the development of clinical protocols that are proven to work.

When you invest in Alpha-Stim technology, whether a patient for a medical problem, a doctor who wishes to utilize a safe, effective, approach to pain and stress management, or a distributor who wishes to offer an advanced medical technology to the marketplace, you are investing in more than a medical device. You are investing in a proven technology backed by decades of research and a company who supports its products and its customers to the fullest.

EPI is truly a global enterprise with its wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom supporting distributors in Europe. Alpha-Stim products have earned the CE mark through compliance with the European Medical Device Directive and provides Owner’s Manuals and product brochures in seven languages.