April 23, 2002




Clinical Pain Management



Port Charlotte, Florida



Dennis Lazar, ND and Ruth Lazar








Thank you so much for the extremely informative and motivating presentation you produced for us. We came away really pumped up with enthusiasm and ready to spread "the gospel of Alpha-Stim".

Upon our arrival in Florida, I couldn't wait to try out some of the wonders we had heard about in Mineral Wells. Tim from Oklahoma had mentioned a doctor who had zapped hemorrhoids with the AS-100. I gave a 100 to a patient who has suffered with refractory hemorrhoids for many years. He has had surgery (very painful) two years ago and still was going through every day with nonstop pain, burning, itching and bleeding. The whole anal area was raw and inflamed. He has been using Tucks pads and hydrocortizone cream without much help. I told him to place one AS-Trode on his abdomen, just above the pubic area (shaved first). Then the other electrode was folded into a cotton cosmetic pad, saturated with solution and placed appropriately. That night, he zapped the ‘rhoids with 600µA for 1 hour followed by 100µA the rest of the night. He stated that from the moment he turned up the knob, the itching and burning ceased. The next morning he was pain, itching, and bleeding free and has had no further hemorrhoid discomfort or symptoms since (he treats at 100µA all night every other night) and has remained symptom free for over a week!!

I gave a woman who has long suffered from irritable bowl syndrome a machine and showed her how to place the AS-Trodes in a large X through the abdominal area and she did the same treatment as the hemorrhoid man, 600µA and then 100µA all night. Then 100µA all night the next night. Now, for three days, she is out of the bathroom and enjoying life!! She was on the pottie up to 10 times a day before. Ouch!!

I can't believe it. It's too good to be true!! Look out preparation H. Prepare for bankruptcy, all you proctologists and gastroenterologists. If only we could advertise it!!!

Again, thank you for the seminar and the BBQ and the good fellowship. You  have a great staff and a wonderful product. The world needs to know.

Your friends,

Dennis and Ruth Lazar

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