July 2, 2002




Animal Fitness Center



Union, MO



Ava Frick, DVM




pain, anxiety




Here is my testimonial for Electromedical Products International. Use any of this as well as any cuts from lectures that you care to. What I say is true to the best of my knowlege and understanding.

There has been nothing in the veterinary industry that can do for animals what Alpha-Stim does. It is a drugless behavior and pain management. Totally safe and effective, the AS-SCS and AS100 have made positive changes in my patients suffering from:

Pain (joints, bone, neuro, other soft tissue)
Cognitive dysfunction
Lick granulomas

Fear biting aggression
Neurological dysfunction (UMN and LMN)
Urinary incontinence
Anorexia in cats
Loss of social status in home
Overreactive sympathetic system in horses
Post surgical pain
Overgrooming in cats

Clients are thrilled and amazed at the changes in their animals following Alpha-Stim treatments. Thanks to Electromedical Products International, at Animal Fitness Center our slogan is; "Eliminating pain is what we do best!" TM Any veterinarians wanting to be on top of pain management needs to have Alpha-Stim in their hospital.


Ava Frick, DVM
Animal Fitness Center
1841 Denmark Road
Union, MO 63084

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