June 4, 1990




Albert H. Uhlendorf, D.V.M.



Tucson, AZ



Albert H. Uhlendorf, D.V.M.








4332 El Burrito
Tucson, Arizona 85705

June 4, 1990 

Recently, I read an article in my local paper, a reprint from the Los Angeles Times about the Alpha-Stim CS, and I decided to get more information about it, which I did, and subsequently bought the unit.

My reasons for buying the unit were threefold: professional, personal, and educational. My professional reasons for buying the unit were for it's occasional use in painful conditions in dogs. My personal reasons for buying the unit were to alleviate pain from a bicycle accident last summer, and to relieve pain from gouty arthritis in my right knee which was a result of surgery in 1987. The back, knee, and hip are getting better, but there was an unexpected result from the CES use of the unit. My educational reasons are hopefully quite obvious.

During World War Two, I contracted meningo-coccus septicemia, which caused me to become ataxic and generally paralyzed. Luckily, I recovered with most of my faculties, yet I believe it left me with some subtle changes in my personality along with a slight disturbance in my balance. For example: I have been trying to ride my bicycle with "no hands" as I did as a teenager. This I have tried to do for a period of more than two years, and I was unable to do it for more than a few yards.

After three weeks of therapy with the Alpha-Stim, mostly with the CES phase, I was able to ride my bicycle for more than a fourth of a mile with "no hands". At present, I can do it up to a mile and with some wind.

This came as a complete surprise to me, and it appears that the Alpha-Stim has healed a brain lesion of forty five years duration, and I am pleased. I might add that I am sixty-five years of age.

Very truly yours,
Albert H. Uhlendorf DVM

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