July 10, 2002




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Ava Frick, DVM




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July 10, 2002

To:  Vet Practice News
From:  Ava Frick, DVM

RE:  July Issue & Pain Management Focus


Dear Editors;

It is great that you have opened up the field of animal pain management through your magazine. This has certainly been an area previously overlooked in veterinary care.  In reviewing this issue I found ten articles concerning this topic in which the bottom line for all except one (acupuncture) revolved around the use of chemical drugs.

At my practice, Animal Fitness Center, P.C., the slogan is;  “Eliminating pain is what we do best!”   I am AVCA certified in animal chiropractic and with that have focused the past 5 years in rehabilitation and pain management.   

There is technology available that would apply to every pain article plus “Anxious Pet May Need Drug Therapy” as well and it is drug free. Electromedical Products International, Inc. 21 years ago developed microcurrent technology using alpha wave modification. Alpha-Stim 100 is a precision medical instrument licensed for the control of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain.  I have used this on many cases where conventional drugs were not helping the animal and without side effects of the drugs. Owners can lease the unit and continue therapy at home. 

I encourage you to open up your magazine just one step further and take a closer look at Alpha-Stim.  The veterinary profession needs to become more aware of ALL that is available for pain management. You may contact me or visit the web sites.


Ava Frick, DVM
Animal Fitness Center, PC
1841 Denmark Road
Union, MO  63084
(636) 583-1700

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