February 24, 1991




Madlyn Cika, RN



Kennwe, LA



Madlyn Cika, RN








Madlyn Cika, RN
Kennwe, La. 70065

February 24, 1991 

I was diagnosed as having degenerative disc disease of the spine, L5S1, in August, 1990. I was taking intensive physical therapy as often as four times per week in an effort to relieve my severe low back pain. While the physical therapy did achieve temporary relief, I never received any long-standing pain relief. I found myself relying on medications to obtain relief.

On January 4, 1991, my pain became so intense that I was forced to seek additional medical evaluation. I was then diagnosed as having Hodgkin's disease. The enlarged liver and spleen were putting pressure on my spine, causing the additional intense pain. At times, I also experience abdominal pain. My Chiropractor had ordered an Alpha-Stim CS for my original back discomfort. Shortly after learning about the diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease, my Alpha-Stim CS arrived.

The Alpha-Stim CS has certainly improved the quality of my life. While taking medical treatment for the Hodgkin's, I wear the Alpha-Stim continuously. When the abdominal discomfort is present, I wear one channel on my abdomen and the other channel on my back. Other times I keep both channels on my back. I have gone from bed rest to ambulatory, from sick leave to work just by using the Alpha-Stim, continuously. And, I require no pain medications.

I am so thankful that my chiropractor ordered this unit for me. As an added surprise, my insurance company covered the entire expense.

Thank you so very much for Alpha-Stim CS.

Madlyn Cika, RN
Intensive Care Nurse

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