March 29, 1992




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March 29,1992

Having used the Alpha-Stim 2000 for over eight years in a medical practice in Torrance, California, I can truly endorse the efficacy of both its healing and pain relieving qualities. I have found, however, one application which apparently always relieves the patient and seems to be the only modality which is effective for this disorder. I am referring to Sciatica pain.

This is a most pervasive malady of obscure etiology which affects a sizable population. The pain can be very debilitating and can radiate from the pelvic region through the entire involved limb. I have had patients arrive barely able to walk with literally months of recurring pain for which they had found no medical chiropractic, or other relief for their suffering.

After the initial treatment of approximately 45-60 minutes, almost every patient reports 60-85% relief of their pain. Usually the pain returns within 12-24 hours after the first treatment but rarely to the original level. The second treatment lasts considerably longer and has a 80-100% relief level. By the end of the third treatment, pain in most cases has been completely relieved and the patient is symptom free. The most severe cases can take as many as five treatments.

The treatment starts with one electrode placed directly above the greater sciatic foramen and the other making a complete circle of about four inches in diameter around it. When an area of low electrical response is found, it is treated minutely. The dermatone is then followed around to the hamstring muscles and on down the limb to and including the toes. Emphasis is given to the sciatic area on the pad of the heel as well as the appropriate acupuncture meridians. Auricular therapy is applied to the sciatic point as well as other painful areas. The patient is advised to keep physical activity to minimum during the treatment process, and while in a prone position have someone pull on the affected limb for about five minutes, at 10 second intervals, twice a day.

With kindest regards,
John Camplin

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