July 9, 2002




Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.



San Diego, CA



Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.




pain, anxiety




   I have a holistic small animal practice in San Diego, California. I am also a licensed human acupuncturist. I have been using the Alpha-Stim for five years in animals and humans for all manner of conditions from frozen shoulders, to all manner of pain, and behavioral problems. In my human patients I have never failed to achieve immediate significant pain relief in the first treatment (I know because they tell me so) That means 75 to 100% pain relief right now - 100% in toothaches in the first treatment. I use the probes for pain control in dogs and cats with very definite success too, followed by CES for 20 minutes. I use the CES ear clips for calming anxious cats, especially those with cystitis, and to stop dogs from chewing at lick granulomas. CES works great to stop feather picking in birds by applying the probes to the area of ear canals for about 2-3 minutes. I couldn't think of practicing without an Alpha-Stim. In fact, I carry one wherever I go.

                               Yours truly,

                     Robert Smatt, DVM, MS, L.Ac.
                     San Diego, California

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