March 30, 1999




M.W., MD (retired neurologist)



Rutland, VT



M. W., MD








March 30, 1999

Here is the follow-up I promised you. I remained with the Alpha-Stim 100 using it daily and at night for 2 weeks when liver capsular pain was at its height through December. Mid January I became pain free and the liver shrank down to NORMAL size!!! I discontinued the use of the unit. My internist was amazed, not expecting the regression in liver size. Coincidentally the auxillary nodes shrank in size. I began to feel really quite well.

Mid March, unfortunately, the liver started to increase in size and lymph nodes enlarged again. I began to feel quite tired again. I have restarted the use of the Alpha-Stim, hoping for another turnaround. At least I’m quite relieved of pain while the unit is on!  The unit has made it possible to live since September off all drugs and functional.

The sad news is that the blood count is worsening unrelenting; total protein is dropping. Though the liver function tests indicating early abnormalities in January reverted to normal by early March.

The question I ask myself: should I continue using the unit were I to become pain free again— sort of prophylactically? Does the setback have anything to do with discontinuing the use of the unit in January? The blood count tells me the fundamental cancerous process is progressing relentlessly in spite of the electrical intervention. Maybe we have not given the electrical intervention enough time? Hope springs eternally!!!!

With kind personal regards,

 M.W., MD

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