February 3, 2000




Dr. Stuart M. Ellis, BDS, DPDS, MFGDP (UK)



United Kingdom



Dr. Stuart M. Ellis, BDS, DPDS, MFGDP (UK)








Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation
(The Alpha-Stim SCS)

Until now most aids for the anxious patient have been drug related - such as sedation and in extreme cases general anaesthesia.

A new device from the United States shows much promise in providing the anxious patient with drug free relaxation.

The device (The Alpha-Stim SCS) functions by passing an electric waveform through the brain. This is quite painless and consists of nothing more than a couple of electrode ear clips. The patient is in control of the current and can increase or decrease it as desired. The control unit is a palm sized box.

The effect produced is a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and body heaviness.

The author of these pages has recently tested the device for the journal, Dental Practice, and has found a tremendous response with his anxious patients.

Advantages with this system are that as soon as it is switched off the effect is instantly reversible. The patient is able to drive straight home afterwards and resume their normal daily activities. This is in contrast to drug induced solutions such as sedative techniques where the effects of the drugs require hours to wear off.

Although the use of this technique in dentistry is in its early days it is already showing good promise and attracting a fair amount of attention.

With such good results I am very keen to see the more widespread use of this technoloy in the dental care of anxious patients.

Dr. Stuart M. Ellis, BDS, DPDS, MFGDP (UK)
Dental Surgeon
3rd February 2000

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