July 20, 2000




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Jim D. Maurer, L.A.T., A.T.C.








Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Just a few thoughts in reference to our conversation the other day regarding skepticism in the medical community. We get so many calls from people who have “cures” for everything. So I can relate to the concerns of cautious practitioners as it pertains to new things. We do need to evaluate new methods of treatment scientifically. When you introduced me to Alpha-Stim back in 1994, I was skeptical. Although there was nowhere near the supporting data that exists today, we gave it a shot because we are always looking for ways to improve the care we give to our players. Since they can’t help us unless they are on the field, we have to be prepared to address virtually any type of acute or chronic pain/injury scenario. Due to our limited time frame for treatment during the season, we must use methods which are most effective. So, while we do look at studies, the bottom line for us is results.

Today, when I think of the Alpha-Stim technology, I don’t think in terms of what proof exists in some journal. We have used the Alpha-Stim repeatedly over the past six years on many different players. I have personally seen the excellent benefits of Alpha-Stim on everything from muscle sprain/strains, to back spasms, shoulders, hands, ankles, turf toe, etc. You name it, we have probably used Alpha-Stim to treat it at some point with pain relief and increased mobility being most evident. It is not a magic bullet, nothing is. For some things, we know to head straight for the Alpha-Stim. At other times we use it in more of a supporting role. We use a lot of different things, but without a doubt, Alpha-Stim is a key element of our overall treatment regimen.

Unfortunately, some practitioners may just be looking for any reason to dismiss what they do not yet understand. They would view anything you or I say about the efficacy of this treatment as anecdotal and in their eyes, worthless. Caution is good, but like anything else, it can be taken to extremes. I looked at the data, but also believe my own eyes and I continue to see results. Our players have confidence in the technology as well. As you know, our biggest challenge with Alpha-Stim lies in getting our guys to return the units because they work so well. They just don’t want to give them up and our units have a way of disappearing while other units that they obviously perceive as less effective do not.

In my opinion, any practitioner looking to help their patients should consider Alpha-Stim as a viable way to improve care by seeing it work. The fact is, Alpha-Stim needs to be seen in action or experienced to really be appreciated. As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, the Alpha-Stim 100 has stood the test of time yet remains at the forefront of electromedicine.

I look forward to working with you again this season.

Jim D. Maurer
Jim D. Maurer, L.A.T., A.T.C.
Head Athletic Trainer
Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Inc.

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