March 20, 2001




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Marilynn Lins, M.D.








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It was a pleasure talking with you yesterday. As I stated, I have been using the microstimulator in my office since late January 2001. It has totally changed my approach to treatment. I focus my practice on fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes, which naturally have been difficult to treat utilizing standard therapy practiced in the U.S. I have been interested in the electrical treatment of pain since my residency in the early 1970’s. The results that I have been obtaining have been miraculous. One gentleman with fibromyalgia, unable to work since 1997, has had a 30 to 35% decrease in pain with one month of therapy, averaging 2 to 3 treatments per week. His activity level has significantly improved. One lady, with severe fibromyalgia and headaches, of one year duration has also been treated for one month, averaging 2 treatments per week, now has controlled headache and her fibromyalgia pain is reduced 40 to 50%. Her activity level is improved and she is now seeking employment. I had another lady with post-traumatic left gluteal pain of one year duration which significantly impaired walking. This resolved after five treatments.

I had one gentleman, involved in a car accident, with significant diffuse myofascial strain and contusion of the left medial knee resulting in a marked limp. I saw him one week post injury. His limp resolved after one treatment. I treated him three times in as many days. Each time, his condition was improved. He cancelled his follow-up appointment the following week, stating that he was doing well. In fact, a friend, who is one of my patients, later asked me if there had ever been anything wrong with him related to the accident.

The Alpha-Stim has forever changed my treatment approach. I have never before experienced results like I have had in the past two months.

I am so thankful that I can give hope to patients in pain.


Marilynn Lins, M.D.

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