Boswell, NS. Neuroelectric therapy eliminates xerostomia during radiotherapy;  A case history. Medical Electronics, 115:105-107, February, 1989.

A 61 year old male veteran receiving 6,000 rads of radiation therapy by a megavolt cobalt linear accelerator for T2N1M0 squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsilar area at the Cleveland VA Medical Center was given 8 seconds to 30 minutes of Alpha-Stim therapy of 50 - 500 µA at 0.5 Hz, immediately following each radiation treatment. The following adverse reactions to radiation were expected: irreversible xerostomia because all the salivary glands were included in the radiation field, temporary dysgeusia, throat pain, possible mucositis, and radiation dermatitis. Due to the Alpha-Stim treatments, all adverse reactions were either eliminated or reduced drastically. Xerostomia and dysgeusia were eliminated. The patient required no regimen of pain medication because Alpha-Stim reduced the level of pain each day after radiation; he showed no signs of mucositis or radiation dermatitis at any time which is highly unusual since some degree of xerostomia and mucositis is anticipated in all irradiated patients.

The author added that several patients have been seen at the Cleveland VA Medical Center for Alpha-Stim treatment for postradiation dryness, with equally good results.

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